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LP-200 Custom Solutions Available Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Water-ring Vacuum Pumps

LP-200  Custom Solutions Available  Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Water-ring Vacuum Pumps

Our organization pays certain attention to customers’ requirements, listening to the distinct demands of each client and guaranteeing total fulfillment.


Fast Specifics

Brand Name:


Model Variety:

LP30,40,55,seventy five,one hundred fifteen,two hundred

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Low Pressure


Single-stage Pump

Electrical power:



Vacuum Pump

Common or Nonstandard:


Item title:

water-ring Vacuum Pumps

Final Force (Pa):


Pumping Speed (L/S):


Inlet Diam. (mm):

38~seventy nine

Outlet Diam. (mm):

38~seventy nine

Motor Electricity (Kw):



Air Pump

Offer Capability

Source Capacity:
10000 Piece/Parts per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Information
Common export wooden case deal
Direct Time
Amount(Parts) one – ten >10
Est. Time(times) 30 To be negotiated

On the web Customization

Item Description

LP Water-ring Vacuum Pumps–Alternative for the KLRC pump

Our LP series pumps are dual phase liquid ring vacuum pumps capable of making a vacuum to 29” Hg. A constant offer of support liquid, typically water, is necessary by the pump to carry absent the heat of compression and to sustain the liquid ring as some of the services liquid is discharged with the gas by means of the pump discharge port.

Pumps are presented with threaded connections for services liquid, pump draining and vacuum relief valve. Optional items incorporate inlet verify valve, vacuum relief valve, stream manage, solenoid valve, vacuum and temperature gauges.


**Forged Iron Casing

**Stainless steel impellers

**Impellers Locked on shaft

**Easy to mend each aspect

**No any gasket seals

**Stainless steel impellers

**Far more designs can be selected


**Some components SS304/SS316 content

**All Elements SS304/SS316 material.

Normal Programs

Unique constructions functioning rules,appropriate for operation in chemical market,oil sector,foods business,electrical utility business,pharmacy business,textile market and paper creating sector,and so forth. The other industries that require vacuum drying,concentration,distilling,dehydration and filtering also want the h2o-ring vacuum pump. It can be use as a backing pump of Roots Pump.


Characteristic Curves

All round Proportions

Firm Info

Our Team expert in producing all sorts of mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission like: planetary gearboxes, worm reducers, in-line helical gear velocity reducers, parallel shaft helical equipment reducers, helical bevel reducers, helical worm equipment reducers, agricultural gearboxes, tractor gearboxes, automobile gearboxes, pto drive shafts, unique reducer & connected equipment factors and other connected merchandise, sprockets, hydraulic system, vaccum pumps, fluid coupling, equipment racks, chains, timing pulleys, udl pace variators, v pulleys, hydraulic cylinder, gear pumps, screw air compressors, shaft collars lower backlash worm reducers and so on. moreover, we can make personalized variators, geared motors, electric motors and other hydraulic goods according to customers’ drawings.We provides a reputable gurantee for the product’ s quality by innovative inspection and testing gear. professional technological staff, exquisite processing engineering and strict management system. In modern years, the company has been developing speedily by its rich expertise in manufacturing, adcanced managemant method, standardized management system, strong complex pressure. We always adhere the concept of survial by good quality, and decelopment by innovation in science and engineering. Our Team is ready to perform with you hand in hand and produce brilliance together!


Product packaging


About Hangzhou At any time-electricity group(HZPT):
Q: Are you investing organization or maker ?
A: HZPT team is made up in 3 factories and two overseas income cooperations.we are producing vacuum pumps,air compressors and gearboxes.
Q: How extended is your supply time ? What is your phrases of payment ?
A: Normally it is thirty-forty five days. The time may fluctuate relying on the item and the amount of customization. For standard goods,the payment is: 30% T/T in progress ,harmony just before shippment.,for custom-made merchandise,fifty% downpayment is asked for normally.
Q: What is the specific MOQ or price for your solution ?
A: As an OEM company, we can provide and adapt our products to a wide assortment of wants.Hence, MOQ and price tag may greatly range with element measurement, materials and further specificationswhen you spot orders,enjoyment make contact with us in advance to converse all details.

About vacuum pumps:
Q: How is vacuum calculated?
A: One particular normal atmosphere at common problems will assist a column of mercury 760mm substantial. This is exactly where the linear measurement in vacuum comes into play.760mm can be also measured in inch Hg (760mm = 29.92″) and microns (760,000 microns = 760 mm= 29.92″). Dependent on what vacuum degree you require, you will use a various unit of measure for the vacuum measurement. When measuring vacuum under 1 micron, we go to scientific notation (Instance: 1 x 10-3 mm Hg)
Q: What is an Complete vacuum gauge?
A: An absolute force gauge is one particular that will measure your vacuum method with no regard to and independent of regional barometric stress. A lot of dial (Bourdon) gauges and digital Transducers reference nearby barometric force as their foundation measurement.Even so, considering that these devices are calibrated at SEA Amount circumstances, operation of these devices over sea level will result in an erroneous reading. Both the gauge/transducer need to be recalibrated for the higher elevation use or an absolute strain gauge would need to be used.A Torr gauge is an complete pressure gauge and operates on the theory of an altimeter. The Gauge scenario is evacuated by the vacuum from the method and exerts a damaging strain on a hermetically sealed capsule. The reducing of the stress in the gauge circumstance causes the capsule to grow thus leading to the gauge motion to turn the pointer. The Torr gauge is hugely delicate and exact in the reduce stress areas (-100 mm Hg).
Q: How to decide vacuum degree?
A: Atmospheric Pressure– is variable but is standardized at 760 Torr or 101.325 kPa.
Minimal Vacuum– also named tough vacuum, is a vacuum that can be accomplished or calculated by simple gear this sort of as a vacuum cleaner.
Medium Vacuum– is a vacuum that is generally attained by a single pump, but the stress is as well minimal to evaluate with a mechanical manometer. It can be calculated with a McLeod gauge, thermal gauge, or a capacitance gauge.
High Vacuum– is vacuum in which the MFP of residual gasses is for a longer time than the measurement of the chamber or of the item below test. High vacuum typically requires multistage pumping and ion gauge measurement. NASA has exposed that the vacuum level recorded on the moon was 1×10-nine Torr. Extremely-Large vacuum– needs baking the chamber to remove trace gasses and other particular processes. Most specifications determine extremely-higher vacuum as pressures beneath 10-8 Torr.
Deep Space– is normally much emptier than any artificial vacuum. Excellent Vacuum – is an ideal point out of no particles at all. It can not be attained in a laboratory, though there could be modest volumes which, for a brief period, take place to have no particles of issue in them.
Q: What type of vacuum pump must I choose for my software:
A: There is no a single vacuum pump that is very best for all purposes. However, there are some basic tips to don’t forget for your variety.
Oil Lubricated Rotary Pumps are utilised in apps demanding reasonably deep vacuum (< 1 mmHg) and pumping relatively clean gases (Air/N2). Oil lubricated pumps are available in Single stage & Dual stage depending on what vacuum level you need. Additionally, all the oil lubricated pumps are available in Belt drive or Direct drive configurations.

Belt push is preferred in apps in which pump longevity and longevity is preferred due to the fact of the lower pump rpm (<700 rpm) and their high oil holding capacity which also guards against premature wear from oil breakdown. Direct drive pumps are preferred because of their low cost, compactness and portability.
Dry Vane pumps are utilised when a pump is necessary that does not need lubricating oil since of the objection to oil vapor discharge from the pump and filling/disposal troubles with oil. Rotary vane dry pumps nevertheless are capable of only highest vacuum of approximately 25″ Hg and can only pump thoroughly clean DRY air. Any presence of moisture in the gas being pumped can guide to the pump rusting simply because of the absence of lube oil.
Rotary Screw Dry Pumps are employed in apps exactly where a substantial vacuum is essential (up to .010 mm Hg) and the approach fuel is not appropriate with lubricating oil in oil sealed rotary pumps. These pumps are pretty expensive and are used in which a lubricated oil sealed pump or liquid ring pump is not wanted. Pleasure e-mail us( [email protected] ) for a lot more specifics.
Liquid Ring Pumps are employed in programs in which the method fuel could include a sizable quantity of condensable vapors (water, solvents, acids, and so on.) that will react negatively with the lubricating oil in Rotary Vane pumps, therefore triggering pump hurt.Currently being that a liquid ring pump is a centrifugal unit, the sealing medium can be h2o, oil or any other fluid compatible with the process. Liquid ring pumps are reasonably affordable and can use any sealing fluid (water, oil, ethylene glycol, solvents, and many others.) that is appropriate with the procedure.
Q:What is fuel ballast on vacuum pumps?
A: A fuel ballast is a controlled in-bleed of a dry fuel (normally Air/Nitrogen) into the compression portion of the pumping cycle of the vacuum pump. The gasoline functions as a stripping agent that will saturate with the contaminating vapors current in the pump and expelled out the discharge of the pump. Gas ballasts are generally put in as a normal element on all oil lubricated rotary vacuum pumps to help in the removal of condensable vapors from the vacuum pump oil.


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