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China Best Sales Internal Ring Gear Factory bevel gearbox

Product Description

Product Description

Internal Ring Gear Factory


The specifications can be designed according to the customer’s requirements!

Material: SAE 1045, SAE 4140, SAE4340, SCM 440, SNCM 420, etc, 20CrMo,16MnCr5, Special materials for medical devices 17-4PH

Heat Treatment: Normalized,Quenched &Temper, Nitriding, etc

Software: Auto CAD, Solidworks, Kisssoft

24 Hours Engineering service available



Allows for a compact design of the machine.

Gear Drive Hub Coupling Parts



Construction Machinery, 

High Speed Tools, 

Planetary Gear Drive of High reduction ratios,



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Company Profile



Founded in 2006, I.CH is a professional Micro Metal Gear Motor factory over 16years. We have worked with over 23 countries’ customers arround world. We have over 20 patents in motor field.

From 2015, we focus on the development of planetary gearbox and matched our motors, such as DC brush motor, Brushless DC Motor, Stepper Motor and Servo Motor. Custom Service for micro gear motor with encoder and dual shaft in special specification, The light weight with high torque and low speed is widely used in a variety of industrial, home application and hobby appliance.




Countrie’s Customers




                                  Factory Area



Our products pass the inspection by CE UL ROHS ISO9000 ………………….


Factory Ability

Welcom to visit our factory



Customer Visiting

We have worked with over 23 countries’ customers arround world. Welcom to visit our factory


Packaging & Shipping

-Crate, carton or pallet;
-Shipping method: air shipping, sea shipping or express;
-Delivery time: 20-50 working days.


Q: Can you provide the Gearbox or Planetary Gearbox for servo motor?

A: YES. We have strong R&D capability, also a great term of engineers, each of them have many work years experience.
Q: Do you provide the samples of Servo Motor?
A: YES. Our company can provide the samples to you, and the delivery time is about 5-15days according to the specification of gearbox you need.
Q: What voltage can you supply?
A:  customized voltage.
Q: Do you have the item in stock?
A: I am sorry we do not have the item in stock, All products are made with orders.
Q: Do you provide technology support?
A: YES. Our company have strong R&D capability, we can provide technology support if you need.

Q: How to select a suitable Servo Motor?
A: If you have Gear motor pictures or drawings to show us, or you have detailed specs like voltage, speed, torque, motor size, working mode of the motor, life time and noise level etc, please do not hesitate to let us know, then we can recommend suitable Geared Motor per your request accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Gear Type: Ae 1045, SAE 4140, SAE4340, Scm 440, Sncm 420, etc
Software: Auto CAD, Solidworks, Kisssoft
Chricteristics: Forging 4140 Teeth Grinding Spur Pinion Gear
Materials: OEM High Quality Brass Copper Gears
Length(mm): 95
Transport Package: Carton or Pallet
US$ 200/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Customized Request

How does an internal gear impact the overall efficiency of a system?

An internal gear plays a crucial role in determining the overall efficiency of a system in which it is used. Here’s a detailed explanation of how an internal gear impacts the efficiency of a system:

  • Power Transmission: Internal gears are responsible for transmitting power from one component to another within a mechanical system. The design and quality of the internal gear significantly affect the efficiency of power transmission. Well-designed internal gears with proper tooth profiles and surface finishes minimize power losses due to friction and ensure efficient transfer of torque.
  • Load Distribution: Internal gears help distribute the load or torque across multiple gear teeth, resulting in improved load-carrying capacity and reduced stress on individual teeth. By distributing the load evenly, internal gears minimize the risk of tooth breakage or premature wear. This load distribution capability contributes to the overall efficiency and durability of the system.
  • Friction and Efficiency: Internal gears generate friction during operation, which leads to power losses and reduced efficiency. Factors such as the gear design, surface finish, lubrication, and material selection influence friction levels. Well-designed internal gears with appropriate lubrication and optimized tooth profiles can minimize frictional losses, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption.
  • Gear Tooth Profile: The tooth profile of an internal gear affects the meshing and engagement characteristics with its mating gear. Optimal tooth profiles ensure smooth and efficient meshing, minimizing sliding or rolling losses. Well-designed tooth profiles also reduce noise, vibration, and backlash, contributing to the overall efficiency and performance of the system.
  • Gear Materials and Manufacturing: The choice of materials and manufacturing processes for internal gears can impact their efficiency. High-quality materials with good wear resistance, high strength, and low friction properties can improve gear efficiency. Precision manufacturing techniques, such as grinding and honing, help achieve accurate tooth profiles and surface finishes, reducing losses and enhancing efficiency.
  • System Integration: The integration of internal gears within the larger system also affects overall efficiency. Proper alignment, lubrication, and maintenance of the gear system are essential for maximizing efficiency. Misalignment, inadequate lubrication, or lack of maintenance can lead to increased friction, wear, and energy losses, negatively impacting the system’s efficiency.
  • Application-Specific Considerations: The efficiency impact of internal gears can vary based on the specific application. Factors such as operating speed, load conditions, temperature, and environmental factors need to be considered. Application-specific design considerations, lubrication requirements, and gear material selection are essential to optimize efficiency for each particular use case.

In summary, an internal gear’s design, tooth profile, load distribution capabilities, friction levels, materials, manufacturing quality, and system integration all play significant roles in determining the overall efficiency of a system. By carefully considering these factors and employing proper design, manufacturing, and maintenance practices, the efficiency of a system can be maximized, resulting in improved performance, reduced energy consumption, and increased longevity.

China Best Sales Internal Ring Gear Factory bevel gearboxChina Best Sales Internal Ring Gear Factory bevel gearbox
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