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China best Custom Large Marine Internal Combustion Engine, High Precision Transmission Spur Gear supplier

Product Description

Product Name: OEM/ODM Engine Gear

Engine Gear Manufacturing Plant of Xihu (West Lake) Dis.Feng Motor Corporation(DFM23)

Global OEM supply to CHINAMFG and Volvo worldwide.


Engine Gear Plant of DFM (DFM23 for short) was founded in 1969, which is a large production base for auto parts. We have perfect parts and components technology development capabilities thanks to our advantage of strong tool and R&D capability.

Staff: There are 795 employees in DFM23 and 156 of them are technical engineers.

Equipment:  The plant owns more than 852  machines, including 103 advanced machines which were imported.


Forging and machinining Equipment:

Quality Test Equipment:





Product Development Capability:

Strong technical strength for CHINAMFG system optimization design, noise reduction, strength check and so on.

Quick Response; R&D with Customer.                                                 

Full Quality Control; Self Design/ Self made tooling                


Informatization Technology Applied in Plant:

PMS & ERP & MES system come into service in March 2017.

Technical Patents/ Intellectual Property:

Now we own 12 patents.

New Technology Applications:

Anti-wear phosphating; Shot Peen; High speed Hobbing; High speed teeth grinding; Continuous heat treatment
Honing Hole; Hard turning; Inner hole and end-face grinding.


Gear Product Development Plan:


Global Supply to Cummins

We provide nearly 200 kinds of gears for CHINAMFG global 15 OEM plants & cooperative partners, 3 spare parts service center, products cover 2.8L-95L.

At present, we are sole supplier for 45L above heavy-duty engine gear; Provide optimized design proposal for CHINAMFG engine gear, participate in R&D and other technical support and comprehensive service ability.


We manufature according to customer’s drawings and requirements,

Type of Gears We can supply:

Gear Crankshaft / Gear Camshaft / Gear Fuel pump / Gear Air compressor / Gear from moving



20CrMnTiH, 20CrMo, 20MnCr5, SAE8620H, 17CrNiMo7-6


Weight(kg): 0.6-30


Size(mm): 50-360


Gear Precision: ISO6 Level

Here’s why our products stand out:
     1. Extensive Product Range: We offer a diverse selection of buses, school buses, andspecial purpose vehicles to cater to various transportation needs. Whether yourequire standard buses for public transport, specialized school buses withenhanced safety features, or custom-built special purpose vehicles for specificapplications, we have a solution to meet your requirements.
     2. Superior Quality and Reliability: Our vehicles are manufactured to the highestindustry standards, ensuring exceptional quality, reliability, and longevity. Wecollaborate with reputable manufacturers and conduct rigorous quality controlchecks to deliver products that exceed customer expectations. Our commitmentto CHINAMFG is reflected in every vehicle we offer.
     3. Cutting-Edge Technology: We incorporate advanced technologies andinnovations into our vehicles to enhance performance, efficiency, and safety.From fuel-efficient engines and intelligent control systems to state-of-the-art
safety features and eco-friendly designs, our products are at the forefront ofautomotive technology.
     4. Customization Options: We understand that every client has unique needs ancpreferences, Therefore, we provide customization options to tailor our vehiclesaccording to specific requirements. Whether it’s seating capacity, interiorconfigurations, accessibility features, or branding elements, we work closely withour clients to deliver personalized solutions.
    5. Focus on Safety: Safety is our top priority. Our school buses are designed withcomprehensive safety features, including reinforced structures, advanced brakincsystems, and integrated safety technologies. We prioritize passenger and driversafety to provide peace of mind for both educational institutions and parents.
   6. Exceptional After-Sales Service: Our commitment to customer satisfactionextends beyond the purchase. We provide reliable after-sales service andsupport, including spare parts availability, technical assistance, and maintenanceguidance. Our dedicated team ensures that our customers receive prompt andefficient service throughout the ownership lifecycle.




1. Q:Why choose you?
A:We are the specialized distributor authorized by the Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng Motor Corporation (DFM), which headquartered in HangZhou, China. And the manufacturing plant of our special vehicle is military enterprise which attaches a greatest importance to the quality of the products and service.

2. Q:How to visit your factory ?
A:You will be welcomed here for factory inspection. It takes about 2 hours from ZheJiang or ZheJiang to HangZhou by air, or 3 hours by speed train from HangZhou to HangZhou.Online visit is also avaliable for you.

3. Q:How to pack the truck?
A:It will be waxed and shipped by bulk carrier, RORO ship or container.

4. Q:Could your company modify the standard product depends on my request? 
Yes. Our company is specialized in researching and designing various of special purpose vehicle and spare parts. We can provide any product according to your demand.

5. Q:Can I customize the painting and logo?
A:Yes,of course, we can paint the truck as your requirement.

6. Q:What’s your quality guanrantee or after sales service?
A: Our guarantee is 1 year, the key parts damage not caused by improper operation, it will free maintenance and replacement. And we also provide online support, Video technical support and spare parts available.


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Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Gear Position: Internal Gear
Manufacturing Method: Forging+Machining
Toothed Portion Shape: Spur Gear
Material: Forging Gear
US$ 80/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Customized Request

How do you ensure proper alignment when connecting internal gears?

Ensuring proper alignment when connecting internal gears is crucial for the smooth and efficient operation of the gear system. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to achieve proper alignment when connecting internal gears:

  • Precision Manufacturing: Proper alignment starts with precision manufacturing processes. The gears should be accurately machined, ensuring precise tooth profiles, correct center distances, and concentricity. High-quality manufacturing techniques, such as grinding or hobbing, help achieve the required dimensional accuracy and tooth geometry, facilitating proper alignment.
  • Alignment Marks: Alignment marks or indicators can be used during assembly to assist in aligning the gears correctly. These marks can be etched or stamped on the gear bodies or shafts and serve as visual references for aligning the gears during installation. Alignment marks help ensure that the gears are properly positioned and aligned relative to each other.
  • Shaft Alignment: Proper alignment of the shafts on which the internal gears are mounted is essential. Misalignment of shafts can lead to uneven load distribution, increased friction, and accelerated wear. Techniques such as laser alignment or dial indicators can be used to measure and adjust the shaft alignment, ensuring that the gears are aligned along their rotational axes.
  • Center Distance Control: The center distance between the internal and mating gears should be accurately controlled. Deviations in center distance can result in improper meshing, increased noise, and premature wear. Careful measurement and adjustment of the center distance during assembly help achieve proper alignment and ensure optimal gear engagement.
  • Bearing Alignment: Proper alignment of the bearings that support the internal gears is crucial for maintaining gear alignment. Misalignment of bearings can introduce additional loads, vibration, and premature wear. It is essential to follow manufacturer guidelines and use appropriate techniques, such as precision shimming or alignment tools, to ensure correct bearing alignment.
  • Preload and Backlash Adjustment: Preload and backlash, which are related to the axial movement between gears, should be properly adjusted. Preload ensures sufficient contact between gear teeth, while backlash allows for smooth engagement. Following manufacturer recommendations, adjusting shims or using specialized preload devices helps achieve the desired preload and backlash values, contributing to proper gear alignment.
  • Tightening Sequence: When fastening gears to shafts or connecting components, it is important to follow the recommended tightening sequence. Gradual and uniform tightening across multiple fasteners helps maintain alignment and minimizes the introduction of unwanted stress or misalignment. Following the specified tightening sequence ensures that the gears remain aligned during the assembly process.
  • Alignment Verification: After the gears are connected, it is important to verify the alignment. This can be done through various methods, including visual inspection, dimensional measurements, or specialized alignment tools. Verifying the alignment confirms that the gears are correctly positioned and aligned, providing confidence in their proper functioning.

By implementing these alignment practices during the gear assembly process, proper alignment can be achieved when connecting internal gears. This promotes smooth and efficient gear operation, reduces wear, minimizes noise, and enhances the overall performance and longevity of the gear system.

China best Custom Large Marine Internal Combustion Engine, High Precision Transmission Spur Gear supplier China best Custom Large Marine Internal Combustion Engine, High Precision Transmission Spur Gear supplier
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